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2017 Winter Meeting Presentations - Tucson, 1/4-6/2017 (not all presentations were available)
Meeting Theme: “Adaptive Management Strategies on Rangelands in Arizona”
Meeting Agenda ,(101 KB, pdf format)
Forest Service Adaptive Management Policies and Implementation, Judith Dyess, (796 KB, pdf format)
Impacts of Adaptive Management on Southwestern Rangelands, Aaron Lien (529 KB, pdf format)
Greer-Voigt Allotment X Diamond-MLY Ranches and Adaptive Management, Wink Crigler (4.4 MB, pdf format)
Grazing Management Along the International Border, Sean Lockwood and Daniel Bell, (11.6 MB, pdf format)
Collaborative Preparation for Drought on Forest Service Grazing Allotments, LLC, Mitch McClaran (2.5 MB, pdf format)
Drought Scenario Planning Tool for National Forest Ranches, Kelsey Hawkes (1.3 KB, pdf format)
Rancher Perspective: Collaborative Preparation for Drought on Forest Service Grazing Allotments, Mike Hemovich (2.0 MB, pdf format)
YACT (Yet Another Climate Tool)? The SPI Explorer, Mike Crimmins (4.8 MB, pdf format)
Bar T Bar Ranch - 2016 Range Managers of the Year, Arizona Section Awards Committee (1.3 MB, pdf format)

2014 Winter Meeting Presentations - Tucson, 1/9/2014 (not all presentations were available)
Meeting Theme: “Managing Rangelands with Federally Listed Species/Opportunities in Rangeland Consulting”
Session I – Managing Rangelands with Federally Listed Species
Pineapple Cactus and Prescribed Burning, Ms. Sarah King (5.5 MB, pdf format)
Session II – Range Management Consulting
Range Consulting: Is There Life After Retirement, Mr. Dan Robinett (6.3 MB, pdf format)
Resource Management Systems LLC, Mr. Steve Barker (887 KB, pdf format)
Self Employment – The American Dream?, Mr. Jim Koweek (5.6 MB, pdf format)
How I Developed Some Skills in Plant Monitoring that Extended Into Retirement, Mr. Lee Hughes (2.0 MB, pdf format)
Brock Habitat Restoration and Invasive Plant Management, LLC, Dr. John Brock (88 KB, pdf format)

2013 Winter Meeting Presentations - Prescott, 1/23-25/2013 (not all presentations were available)
Meeting Theme: “Old Problems and Better Solutions - Applied Wisdom”
Range 101 Session
Intro to Ecological Sites, Mr. Emilio Carrillo (4.5 MB, pdf format)
Plant Identification, Mr. John Kava (4.5 MB, pdf format)
Rangeland Monitoring, Mr. Jeff Schalau (1.6 MB, pdf format)
Grazing Utilization, Mr. Robert Adams (17.9 MB, pdf format)
Range Animal Nutrition, Dr. Doug Tolleson (2.9 MB, pdf format)
Excess Horse Session
AZ-NM Tribal Perspectives of Excess Horses on Tribal Rangelands, Dr. Alvin Medina (313 KB, pdf format)
Management Challenges of Excess Wild Horses and Burros on National Forests, Mr. Tom Frolli (5.8 MB, pdf format)
Research Session
Grazing Planning and Management on the SRER, Dr. George Ruyle and Mr. Andrew McGibbon (5.6 MB, pdf format)
Verde River Riparian Ecology: Status of our Knowledge, Dr. Alvin Medina (9.6 MB, pdf format)
Detection of Pregnancy in Arizona Range Cattle Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy of Feces, Dr. Doug Tolleson (1.0 MB, pdf format)
Collaboration Session
What Does Conservation Success Look Like? A Partner's Perspective on Altar Valley Landscape Conservation, Mr. Peter Warren (18.9 MB, pdf format)
Building Resilience for Ecological, Social, and Economic Health Across Western Landscapes, Mr. Frank Hayes (29.2 MB, pdf format)
Walking in Their Boots: The Science of Working with Others to Implement Projects and Programs for Rangeland and Watershed Health, Ms. Jan Holder (6.5 MB, pdf format)
Rim Grass Range Group: A Collaborative Monitoring Group at It's Infancy, Mr. Iric Burden (955 KB, pdf format)
Building a Science Foundation for Conservation of Arid Rangelands: The Kane and Two Mile Ranches, Mr. Iric Burden (16.6 MB, pdf format)

2010 Winter Meeting Presentations - Prescott, 1/18 and 19/2010
2010 AZ - Winter Meeting & Workshop Review, Mr. Alvin Medina (73 KB, pdf format)
Livestock - Wild Ungulate Interaction in Arizona, Dr. William Miller (242 KB, pdf format)
Springsnails: An Introduction for Conservation Partners, Mr. Jeff Sorensen (1.06 MB, pdf format)
Amphibians and Grazing: Conservation in Ranch Settings, Dr. Cecil Schwalbe (2.57 MB, pdf format)
Riparian Reptiles and Desert Tortoises: Livestock Positives, Negatives & Unknowns, Dr. Phil Rosen (2.97 MB, pdf format)
Birds and Livestock: What Cross Fence Comparisons Taught Us, Mr. Dan Robinett (3.31 MB, pdf format)
Fish and Grazing Relationships in the Southwestern USA: An Issue Revisited, Dr. John Rinne (3.18 MB, pdf format)
Livestock Management & the Conservation of Imperiled Species on Las Cienegas Conservation Area, Mr. Jeff Simms (2.98 MB, pdf format)
Endangered Species Act Section &: Promoting Species Recovery, Easing Concerns and Removing Objections, Mr. Steve Sprangle (938 KB, pdf format)
A Forest Service Perspective on Policy and Management Applications in Arizona, Ms. Amy Unthank (3.37 MB, pdf format)
Cooperative Alternatives to ESA Regulatory Process, Mr. Dennis Parker (36 KB, pdf format)

2009 Winter Meeting Presentations - Fort Huachuca, 1/13 and 14/2009
Meeting Agenda, (12.8 KB, pdf format)
19th and Early 20th Century Anthropogenic Influences, Conrad Bahre (7.55 MB, pdf format)
Image Identification for 19th and Early 20th Century Anthropogenic Influences, Conrad Bahre (93.5 KB, pdf format)
Climate and Vegetation Change of the Colorado Plateau: Past, Present, Future., Kenneth Cole et al. (11.3 MB, pdf format)
Drought and the Arizona Cattle Industry, 1890-1960, Diana Hadley (20.98 MB, pdf format)
Historical Overview of Vegetation Management on Fort Huachuca, Sheridan Stone (4.5 MB, pdf format)
Influences of Geology on SE Arizona Rangelands, Pete Sundt (9.54 MB, pdf format)
Applied Historical Ecology: Using the Past to Manage for the Future, Tom Swetnam (3.10 MB, pdf format)
Historical Fire Influences on Southwestern Vegetation, Tom Swetman (8.46 MB, pdf format)
LANDSCAPE CHANGE IN THE SOUTHWEST: Historical changes in selected ecosystems of the southwestern United States, Robert H. Webb and Raymond M. Turner (8.34 MB, pdf format)

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